Notes on the Latin American Avant-garde: Working Papers

On the idea of avant-garde as rupture of tradition, or a break with the establishment:

But if subjectively the intention of rupture, of ‘beginning from zero’ (which if it does not absolutely negate the past, at least questions and attacks it) predominates, we understand, then, that all avant-garde movements propose a strategy – a word that, in order to return to a previous point, not only implies a disruption but also indicates that it is preparing a plan with a final goal in mind, with an arrangement of tactics, with a marshaling of resources and a time line. In one sense, everything that characterizes this strategy agrees with the idea of a rupture that comes only with a struggle, without polemics, in order to unite semantic fields and allow characterizations of behavior.

Avant-gardes, thus, may not have similar designs but do share a strategic position.

–Noé Jitrik, “Notes on the Latin American Avant-garde: Working Papers,” The Noé Jitrik Reader (Duke, 2005): 103-104.


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