Intelectuales y académicos

Aquí va un fragmento de Jack Miles, “Three Differences Between an Academic and an Intellectual” (Crosscurrents 49:3 [1999]).

The third difference between an intellectual and an academic is the relative attachment of each to writing as a fine rather than a merely practical art. “If you happen to write well,” Gustave Flaubert once wrote, “you are accused of lacking ideas.”(10) The experience behind Flaubert’s remark is one many contemporary writers will recognize all too well. I once interviewed Saul Bellow for the Los Angeles Times, and one of the subjects Bellow mentioned in passing was his relationship to a certain eminent sociologist at the University of Chicago. For this gentleman, Bellow’s fiction, the novelist told me, was a kind of “light entertainment.” Condescension toward belles lettres remains pervasive in academe, even, strangely enough, in literary criticism.

Hay que leer el artículo completo, que cubre mucho más y tiene mucho sentido; elucida como pocos otros textos el malestar profesional que nos acosa a todos y que estamos educados para no nombrar.


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