Permitted Indians

From “Everything is Up for Discussion” (Interview of Silvia Rivera Cuisicanqui). By Linda Farthing. NACLA Report on the Americas 40:4 (July/August 2007) 4-9:

The “permitted Indian” emerged after the Venezuelan caracazo uprising against neoliberalism in February 1989, when some of the triumphalism of structural adjustment was broken. (7)

In order to ameliorate some of the damage structural adjustment caused, a series of policies was promoted, including official multiculturalism, which seeks to place Indian expression in an acceptable form of ethnicity. (7)

The permitted Indian allows for domination under the name of a multicultural alliance, which is really a form of tokenism. (7)

Additionally, the permitted Indian is one who can export values and resources. (7)

The permitted Indian can be seen in all the hypocritical policies of today’s Latin America. (8)


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