Declarations of Whiteness

In her Declarations of Whiteness: The Non-Performativity of Anti-Racism, Sara Ahmed argues that while race is performative (being an effect of racialization), anti-racism may not be. This is, saying in the case of anti-racism may not be equivalent to doing.

I am glad to hear this for my own reasons. One is personal: I am tired of hearing white people beat their breasts about how anti-racist they are, and then wincing as I watch them act. I am actually more comfortable with the mirror image of this situation: seeing people behave decently, even when I know their ideas are not one hundred percent advanced. Another, equally egocentric, is professional: I have a piece I have not known where to place, and which I could perhaps send to this journal.

This post, though, is intended to call attention to Ahmed’s article, which is worth reading.


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