Beached Bones says: A good number of the worlds I know are not congruent, and that is causing me a sense of sadness, or more accurately saudade. The incongruence of worlds as productive of dislocation and saudade – this is a good theoretical insight.

The postmodern dislocated subject is supposed to differ from the modern one in that the postmodern one does not suffer from nostalgia. I have seen a piece by Linda Hutcheon I need to locate once again, in which she discusses discovering, just after delivering a manuscript which claimed postmodernity divorced irony from nostalgia, a series of texts which define the seven types of nostalgia associated, precisely, with postmodern irony.

These ideas are worth drawing out – these topics are worth discussing.


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2 Responses to Saudade

  1. Nostalgia that is the word! But that word does not translate now does it. The whole problem is that Saudade, as a state of being, is the substantive representation of ‘an act’ in the continuous tense by implication, not to mention it is “sweet” by connotation.

    Saudade is a state that is far more ethereal than Nostalgic or Nostalgia, which are both more concrete. You can buy Nostalgia in a Time Life Series of CD’s at 3:30 in the a.m., or even eat it at Crackle Barrel at lunch time (I interviewed with their corporate representative at a job fair once. It was crazy. All the companies in Nashville just examined me, one Christian publisher asked for my pastor’s name, another Christian publisher’s human resource person just held in a giggle when I showed her my resume . . . but I digress).

    Nostalgia is not an individual experience; we can all experience it in someway.

    I do not know Portuguese very well, but saudade is an important word no? That is the problem I think I have with cross-cultural studies — without a certain linguistic mastery, things kind of fall to pot . . . in a certain genteel and polite Afro-dandy way.

    But yes, Saudade leading into a discussion of Nostalgia and the Post-Modern is very interesting. I am going to come back to you on that. I have a problem with the absolutism of the Post-Modern theorist in practice; no holes are allowed to be punched, so I think I cut myself off from many useful ideas in the end. And in the end, I have cut myself off from ever really feeling comfortable enough to finish a doctorate based on theoretical methods. I have been looking for a safe strait in navigating that ocean.

    Damn! I used the word “useful” in that jargonized way. I vowed never to do that in writing after I finished my MA.

  2. profacero says:

    But tell me more, even if you have to use the word “useful” in that way! I’d love, for instance, to hear another sentence on this:

    …Saudade, as a state of being, is the substantive representation of ‘an act’ in the continuous tense by implication…

    And I need to look up the Hutcheon piece, think more about this, too.

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