The White Liberal Bingo Card

White liberals “don’t really have white privilege” (or “understand racism”) if they are gay/poor/disabled/Irish/a woman. [Note to self: ask Gloria A. about that].

They prefer to be called “persons of European descent.” They believe that “people shouldn’t self-segregate,” and say that “if we all just married interracially, racism wouldn’t exist.” And much, much more. Listen to people speak and mark these and related statements off on your card as you hear them. B-I-N-G-O.

I would reproduce the brilliant table here, but the code is not obeying me. I therefore direct you to its near origin, I Dreamed I Was.


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One Response to The White Liberal Bingo Card

  1. Yanksavage says:

    Well Done!!
    This is great. I will have to share this with my daughter and use it the next time we have a dinner party with our Guilty White Liberal Friends.

    aka Yanksavage

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