Postmodernist Sado-Masochism

Adapted from a comment by Jennifer Cascadia:

“Postmodernism is like watered down Bataille, but without the sense of potency. It is lame rebellion, or rebellion which is designed not to put the rebel at risk in any way. it is rebellion using images which have no relation to the material reality of power dynamics – although the postmodernists themselves claim exactly the opposite.

“It was Lacan who put an end to the Paris rebellion of 1968, by claiming that what the students really wanted was a father figure to tell them what to do. After this, the revolution lost its revolutionary fervor, although it was impolite to notice this. The adolescents thenceforth could have their token “rebellions” but must admit that they could not expect to achieve anything actual, because what they really wanted was the attention of their authorities, rather than an actual societal change.

“Hence we have postmodernist sado-masochism (a way of vying for the attention of an authority through pretending to rebel).”


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