Des Cannibales

“Let us eat him in a civilised way,” said White Baboon.
Black Baboon agreed, “Yes, let us eat him in a civilised way.”
They carried Green Baboon into the kitchen.
They cut Green Baboon into chops and steaks.
They cooked Green Baboon with spices and dry white wine.
White Baboon made the salad.
Black Baboon made the custard.

They spread the tablecloth on the table out on the verandah.
They set the knives and forks. They placed two plates
and two serviettes and two comfortable chairs.
They sat down to eat. The moon was up, big and round.
Black Baboon had put on a record on the gramophone.
“Ah, Beethoven!” sighed White Baboon, listening to the music.


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2 Responses to Des Cannibales

  1. scratchy888 says:

    The thin veneer of civilisation from a postcolonial perspective….

    heart of darkness revisited?

  2. profacero says:

    Mais oui. Or in Louisiana: mais yeah, cher!

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