Quand il est difficile d’écrire

On this post a commentator said:

“Do you have a copy of Raymond Williams’ Marxism in Literature? When you feel like this, turn to the section on the means of intellectual production and read it aloud. There is a reason you as a scholar of color fear publishing, not because of the intelligence behind what you have to say but because of your [probably ambivalent] reception by an audience that has proven itself consistently disinterested in you as a voice or an intellectual. They wish to silence you before you speak so that you will never be heard. Take heart in the fact that so many have walked the path you are on before you. Some of them are watching now and sending you their strength.”

This applies to me to some extent and perhaps more than I realize. Part of the difficulty of writing for me is remembering that writing need not be undertaken in obedience to my father’s voice.

Update November 11: read this new post from Chasing the Red Balloon, and all the links. It is so relevant, it will ‘blow your mind’ (and I almost never use that expression).


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