Misreading Marechera

See this post. I still say the Marechera/Vallejo parallels are great.


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7 Responses to Misreading Marechera

  1. I must read Vallejo! Please give me a place to start that overlaps with the Marechera stuff — and preferably en englais.

    Please also read THE BLACK INSIDER.

  2. profacero says:

    Black Insider, OK it is on my list. Vallejo: the complete poetry translated by Clayton Eshleman.

  3. And do read the house of hunger. It is less intellectual, more visceral, but somehow more poetic than his other works.

  4. profacero says:

    I will. It goes on my list. 🙂

  5. I ordered the Vallejo book today.

  6. profacero says:

    Wow! Note: that’s the poetry, he also has essays, theatre, short stories, and a novel. The poetry is the most lauded of his things and the other work is often seen as his attempt to write less self indulgent things. I am not sure about this division, however.

  7. I think we can say about Marechera something similar: The poetry is considered the most accessible of his works. The other stuff is considered variously as self indulgent or as incomprehensible to varying degrees

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