On Academic Writing

Read Christina Crosby, “Writer’s Block, Merit, and the Market: Working in the University of Excellence,” College English 65:6 (July 2003): 626-645, in JSTOR.


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6 Responses to On Academic Writing

  1. Jon says:

    Can you give a reference? That page leads me to a university login screen. (You may wish to change this also to help preserve your anonymity.)

  2. profacero says:

    There it is – and thanks, that was a pretty good screw-up on my part! Like the time I had my profile (gr)avatar linked to my departmental web page somehow… 😉 Pretty soon I will not be anonymous at all, although the anonymity is really just for the sake of creating a semi-fictional, semi-actually-existing character.

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  4. I already knew where you were from because of your IP address.

  5. profacero says:

    Yes – one can of course hedge and point out that those don’t always translate right, but yes.

  6. undine says:

    Thanks for citing that article. It’s interesting and will be useful, I think, even if there’s not a lot of cobbler’s wax around here with which to stick myself to my chair.

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