On Academic Advice

The Academic Self. Read all about this book. It appears to be key, and there are other good citations and comments in the piece I cite here.

Related is a smart essay by Michele Tepper (in the Minnesota Review, 1999). A paragraph:

It’s an extraordinary thing to discover that your voice is incomprehensible, particularly when the people who cannot hear you are the same people you credit with having taught you to modulate that voice into eloquence. But in the conversation I had that day with my friend, and in the larger conversation among the academic left about our job crisis, my perspective as a PhD trying to build a meaningful professional and intellectual life outside the academy has been consistently denied, denigrated, or ignored. In these reactions, I would argue, we can see the unexamined elitism and unwarranted defensiveness of the rhetoric opposed to alternative career training within the academy, and, I hope, in resisting both of these things, discover new forms of coalition-building and political action to roll back the debilitating structural shifts in American higher education over the last generation.


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