Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power

I always mean to look at this journal and I have had for some time a piece of paper telling me to do so. Now I have this post instead. Here is why:

“Identities explores the relationship of racial, ethnic and national identities and power hierarchies within national and global arenas. It examines the collective representations of social, political, economic and cultural boundaries as aspects of processes of domination, struggle and resistance, and it probes the unidentified and unarticulated class structures and gender relations that remain integral to both maintaining and challenging subordination.

“Identities responds to the paradox of our time: the growth of a global economy and transnational movements of populations produce or perpetuate distinctive cultural practices and differentiated identities. The journal illuminates the relationship between culture and power and transports the field of ethnic studies beyond descriptions of cultural diversity.”

I am not trained in this field but it is where many of my interests lie, and I like the editorial board.


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