Inspired by Newspapers

Fragmentary notes from reading the Sunday paper(s):

* H.P. Lovecraft hated modern life and progress. I should read him for this reason.

* RGV (El Comercio Sunday 13 July 2009, Cultura C7) suggests that one could write a whole dossier on the literary reception(s) of Columbus. Now the Spanish poet Justo Jorge Padrón has a book on Columbus, and there are two 19th century “Colombiads” (Campoamor and Bayo Segurola). Columbus himself was quite poetic, Valdelomar called his revista “Colónida,” Columbus was Mariátegui’s favorite historical figure, and Carpentier wrote a novel on him.

* Beatriz Pastor wrote a book on the idea of utopia in America which I have not read but which I really should: I would like it and I could prepare a course on colonial literature form it. She is preparing a critical edition of Lope de Aguirre’s Carta al Rey.


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