I am joining InaDWriMo for 10,000 words. I am counting words in abstracts, but not revisions unless it is a revise-and-resubmit. That is to say, a word as I define it is a word sent off or ready to send off. To animate myself I am including words already written this semester, which are 3800. That means I only have 6200 words to go, which divided by 30 is just over 200 words per day. I think I can do it.

I am layering onto InDaWriMo a different scheduling situation. See my sidebar. I have not scheduled like this in some time. It is wonderful that I am now doing it again.


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  2. profacero says:

    LO DICHO: 2354 words but I will revise them. When I am finished, I will subtract 2354 from my total.

    I can already see this text needs to be almost doubled in size. But this process of revision is very educational, to say the least.

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