More from Branche

Fragmentary notes to decipher.

* 2, 802, 733: antislavery tracts (in enlish) 823-31 + poems, plays, fiction

* Alvar, LEXICO DEL MESTIZAJE EN HISPANOAMERICA (Branche 63) … and on 83-84, to acquire honra = to whiten

* 89 whiteness could be bought

*91 whiteness conferring status; the obsession with whiteness an American thing

*93 linguistic labels for color bespeak a one drop mentality although whitening was possible

* 104 contrapunteo en Madrid; Tarzan/Jane, is Cecilia Jane?

* 107: the torture of slaves belies facile generalizations on the benignity of Latin American slavery

* 115 my thesis too: the “embrace of mulatez is the suppression of the darker masses in the possibility that they might be protagonists of change” … and MIXING is not a bridge, but a barrier to Black empowerment.

* Gubar on racial impersonation in primitivism (Africans become “supermen”)

* 136 Manzano claims mulato status and constructs “negro” as Other

* 140 the character is returned to bozal status when he becomes threatening


* 150 [look this  up] a specifically (Latin) American race obsession (?)

* 195 PALES MATOS on the Afro-Antillean difference: it is the tinge of color that counts

* the first poem on an African theme in Spanish appeared in 1455 (64)

* Lope de Vega (but really Antonio Mira): EL NEGRO DEL MEJOR AMO … and there were other plays on these themes; Quevedo wrote a poem “Boda de negros”; in EL NEGRO DEL MEJOR AMO the “solution” is to wash out Blackness

* the colonized must turn white or disappear

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