A Plan

This blog needs cleaning – the recent posts are messy, the right sidebar is entirely out of date, and the cross referencing system is incomplete (although I think I will just let that be for now — there is too much else to do).

Resolved: I will take a break from trying to understand the Silva book on its own and start back to my paper. I will figure these things out by writing. Then, later, I may come back to the Silva book. I am considering giving a paper on it but that conference will be expensive. For this, though, I need an abstract by April 1.


I have finally started to do my life’s work.


Proposition: if  author and the transcendental subject have died, we are haunted by their ghosts.
Question: is Vallejo’s subject his own ghost? Does he intimate this willfully in his poetry? Is it a conscious strategy?


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One Response to A Plan

  1. profacero says:

    I missed that deadline, on purpose because I was funded — funded! for a symposium halfway around the globe in the other direction. But I will still do the paper.

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