Things I Could Do

Things I Could Do. I refuse to say “must” or “should” any longer. “Want” is a relative term, and the things I want would be an entirely different list involving living somewhere more urban, with better weather and a varied landscape, and having a far thicker research environment and culture than one has in my current academic situation. That is to say, I would be able to judge whether I wanted to do any of the following, or anything else on my other lists, if I had the circumstances for it.

In the present environment I am only interested in business, studio art, or law. These things are true despite the fact that I still feel the most myself reading literary and cultural theory and writing these. But I do not have and have not had for some time the sustenance I need here to write these consistently, nor the means to be elsewhere.

Therefore, I will liberate myself by, first, setting aside reading time that does not also have to be writing time, and also designating this list as a list of things I could do. I will use no other modal verbs. I will write slowly, and I will also focus more squarely on my novel.

The things I could do include:

+ Read book for review and write review
+ Finish German article
+ Book prospectus // book and so on
+ [Consider VELOSO article for book — or as something independent]
+ [Consider Enlightenment article for book — or as something independent]
+ Borderlands
article (consider the journal Borderlands)
+ Workplace article
+ Translate translation text, expand, send to translation journal
+ What Is A Scholar? — consider whether it should be melded into the Workplace article or not

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One Response to Things I Could Do

  1. Z says:

    Let us add something completely different — a list of the larger projects I like.

    The book, CANE CULTURES.

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