The Survey of Latin American Literature

This course is often taught with an anthology. I’ve also done it just choosing representative whole books, too, and assigning a literary history. But at this university it is good to have an anthology, and there is also enough in most anthology that one can read them and use no other books.

But typically this course was taught with an anthology and one whole book, and there was a midterm, a paper, and a final. I was thinking of doing it exactly that way next year, using Pedro Páramo as the whole book.

However, it seems one should perhaps use El Túnel. If I do that, I will have to teach something more feminist and more recent, as well. I am thinking of Arráncame la vida but perhaps it should be something by Cristina Rivera Garza. Is it too ambitious, though, to have them read an anthology and two novels?


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One Response to The Survey of Latin American Literature

  1. Z says:

    Also, additional bibliography for the honors students can come from that site, the nationalism project, and:

    Sommer, Foundational Fictions
    Ramos, Divergent Modernities
    Guehenno, The End of the Nation-State
    Smith, Ethno-Symbolism and Nationalism
    Chiaramonte, Nacion y estado en Iberoamerica

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