Ten Dollars

We do not have air conditioning or ventilation in our offices at work, and it is almost one hundred degrees. The library has short hours due to budget cuts, so it is not a full time work space, either.

$2 coffee, in the morning, with wireless internet and air conditioning, and a good table and chair
$6 plate lunch next door, around noon, enough for two so the rest is saved for dinner
$2 coffee, in the afternoon, with wireless internet and air conditioning, and a good table and chair


$1.50 daily cost of Internet service at home
$2.50 daily cost of air conditioning at home
$1.00 low estimate of daily energy cost for shopping and cooking
$1.00 low estimate of daily value of my time for shopping and cooking
$5.00 reasonable estimate of cost of groceries and dish soap for lunch and dinner

If I ate cheaper groceries, staying home would be cheaper, it is true. But I also do not own the kind of table and chairs the café has, and I do not want to buy similar items just now, and I like to get out of the house, to a designated work space. The budgeters say one must eat and drink coffee at home; I remain unconvinced.

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3 Responses to Ten Dollars

  1. Z says:

    And yes, it’s that dignified feeling that comes with going to the cafe, and the ability to come home later – have two places to be. (The budgeters say it costs $8 to go to a cafe but here it only costs $2.)

    I could really eat cheaper food at home if I had to, and I should of course eat less of it, I am a glutton and should stretch things with brown rice, not extra meat, fruit, and vegetables as I do.

  2. Hattie says:

    Wow. I can’t believe you are working under such negative conditions. But oh. Maybe it isn’t so surprising after all.

  3. Z says:

    Yeah, they’re negative conditions. The way to fight that is to recognize it. Trying to say it is normal and it should be normal to be able to rise above is what actually places an obstacle in one’s path.

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