An Economy

We are on a heat advisory here and it is very hot. Early in the morning, as soon as wind-footed Iris hits the horizon, I will depart en ville to sit in a bat cave – as would befit me, since I am Mayan.

Whenever I go to Peru or Bolivia I am shocked at the ecological devastation, and whenever I return I am shocked at the wasteful standard of living which causes this.

On my most recent return, what struck me in particular was the use of hot water and air conditioning at once. In honor of this and of my being low on cash this summer, I have turned off the hot water in my house.

If I were in South America, you know, there would hardly be any hot water, anyway, and it would be winter. Not using hot water is also an eco-friendly measure, and it frustrates the oil and gas industry.

I invite others to follow my lead on this.

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4 Responses to An Economy

  1. Hattie says:

    We have solar hot water. If you put panels up now you would save mucho dinero. The payback is pretty fast. Photovoltaics take longer. We figure a couple more years and we will have come out even, after which our electricity will be free. Everyone who can do this, should do this.

    • Z says:

      And it is essentially free to do now, because of the tax credits. But, you have to have $8K up front. Before the crash I had a home equity line of credit with space in it to do this and I was about to. Pay it with the tax refund. Before I got to it there was the crash, and the bank froze that line of credit. Then my old hot water heater blew in the middle of winter, and I didn’t have $8K for solar, so I went conventional. So all of this was very bad timing — I really should have sprung for that solar! … Maybe I should still but my current hot water heater is new, that is, less than 3 years old I think … ?

  2. Spanish Prof says:

    I spent 6 weeks in Nicaragua (mid-February to the end of March) without hot water. You get used to it in a second, and you really don’t need it. Considering where you live, I’m sure it will be similar.

    • Z says:

      Yes – I think Nic might be even hotter but here is plenty hot enough in summer that hot water is silly. And plus — they have it at both of my gyms, so there’s no real need to have it at all except for guests / renters! (Actually I should have thought of that before jumping to replace the hot water heater … could have just gone without while saving up for solar.)

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