This, my research blog is four years old but I am only really moving into it now. One thing I plan to do here is work toward an institutional grant — external funding to buy library books, since state funding has come to an end. I am hoping people will comment on some drafts. I will have to write prose explaining why, for purposes of teaching and research, it is good to have current books and access to up to date electronic resources. Our legislature wants us to sign contracts with textbook companies and leave things at that.

I’ve moved my links around, taking categories out of alphabetical order and putting them into the order that works best for me, right now. I’ve added a category on efficiency and getting things done. This is something I have resisted for a long time, for reasons discussed at length in my other blog. But I do like the Zen style of being and living, I like the 43 folders system, and I like GTD.

This last is of great interest to me since it makes it legitimate to take control of one’s life — something my own education (college, graduate school, work at public R-1 universities) took for granted, but that was outright sinful according to both my first education and Reeducation. In order to implement any kind of task management strategy, you must feel you have the right to do it. I gave up that right and it was difficult to regain.

You do have to claim the right to decide first, because if not, no task management strategy will work or if it does, it will lead you where it leads, which may or may not be where you wish to follow. Strategies for getting things done do work, but you can only implement them consistently and toward your own actual goals if you really allow yourself to be in charge.

Many people discuss the use of time, and the control of time; I am by nature both fast and also relaxed, so time seems superficial as a problem for me. The metaphor that resonates
is money, which was the theme in my upbringing. It is hard for me to feel (not be, but feel) in control of the money I have and confident in my ability to make more of it, should more be required.

I was traumatized as a child with the idea that I would never be competent to make my own money, but would have to depend on someone else’s income. As I was attractive but not lovable, I would have to find someone to support me in exchange for taking abuse. This is an attitude which, since the trauma of Reeducation which deepened, rather than help to heal the original trauma, I sometimes bring to work (and remember, one component of Reeducation was an abusive workplace).

So, realizing I have the right to control time is liberating, of course, but taking hold of the facts that I have the right to control money and the ability to make it — realizing I am working for money, not being good in exchange for a stipend which is how I still experience academic work — is even more helpful to me.

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2 Responses to Rinovazioni

  1. Z says:

    Notorious PhD has some good comments on work flow, and also software here and there: http://girlscholar.blogspot.com/

  2. Z says:

    And After Academe is good on perspective: http://afteracademe.blogspot.com/

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