Prieto and Rowe

Julio Prieto is a person who writes on avant-garde poetry and prose, and whose work I regret to say have barely read. In the interest of clearing up I am recycling this tantalizing article on authorship, Borges, Macedonio and the “spectre” of the avant-garde. Prieto’s 2002 book on River Plate avant-gardes can be bought at the Casa del Libro and we should buy it.

I am also recycling a partial xerox of William Rowe’s chapter on Vallejo in Hacia una poética radical, I book I like and that has this epigraph from Eric Mottram: “Let it radiate.” I like the Vallejo chapter for many reasons, including the title of its first section: “Entre el silencio de la poesía y el silencio de los críticos.”

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2 Responses to Prieto and Rowe

  1. He was my professor. 🙂 Everybody adored him but there was a complot at the dept. to push all smart people out.

    The link #2 doesn’t work.

  2. Z says:

    Thanks for catching that!
    Where has he gone?
    You know there is another ex-USSR Yale PhD in Spanish down here, with whom you probably studied!
    It is a very small world.

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