Revista Orígenes

You can see the capas and índices here, but I saw a reproduction of this review, all seven volumes, in Lima a couple of years ago and I wish I had bought it. Just now I was having trouble finding it for sale.

I found this reference which looked like it, but not quite: La revista ‘Orígenes’ y la vanguardia cubana (Madrid: D.G.E. Ediciones/Turner, 2000). What I had written down was: ORIGENES. La Habana 1944-56, revista dirigida por Lezama Lima. 7 tomos. Published by El Equilibrista of Mexico and Ediciones Turner (Madrid). FACSIMILE.

Then I decided to look for serious information on it and discovered that the facsimile I seek is in the library of a relatively nearby university. Others have it on microfilm. This took almost no time to find out. I am still not sure where to buy it, but I know exactly
what to ask for.

This is why Google is may not be the answer, and your library may be. I am so used to having poor library resources that I have learned that Google is often better. That is a sign of having inadequate resources at work.

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