Gertude Stein

“The full story of the relationship of modernist writers to fascist and pro-fascist regimes is just beginning to be told and Stein offers a fascinating case study of this relationship,” Professor Will stated to BuzzFlash at Truthout. “It is hard to get at the complexities and dilemmas of this modernism/fascism nexus if we only see a sanitized ‘Saint Gertrude’ image of Stein. She was a complex, layered, in some ways heroic, but in some ways despicable individual. The fact that her writing is so obscure has allowed people to say almost anything about her and up to this point the discussion around her has been mostly hagiographic. Looking at the facts of her life, her politics, even her aesthetic principles (which are more conservative than you would think) allows for a much fuller and more realistic picture of Gertrude Stein to emerge.”

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One Response to Gertude Stein

  1. Anthea says:

    I tried (I say tried since it drove me nuts) to read a published diary of hers and her style of writing drove me bats. It was endless unending sentences which I caused me struggle through it. I thought of stopping but I was determined to get to the end since I wanted to know why she’s got such ‘cool’ almost ‘it’ factor. I got the impression that she thought that she was briliant and perhaps better anyone else she met. I still don’t know what was so ‘hip’ about her but I do know that she didn’t strike me as a friendly individual who I’d ever wanted to met. .a bit self-obsessed about her own fame.

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