On Space and Time

I have already said that it is not time I need, but psychic space. I’m happier working in longer stretches of time than shorter ones, but I am happy with shorter ones, too. And with all the academic advisors going on about how you can work in 15 minutes, 25, and so on, as though this were a new idea, I hasten to agree although it is not my point.

I need a couple of hours to get the 15 or 25 minutes because I need time to become the person who does academic work and time again to become the person who meets the world. To start I have to first look at the papers, breathe, call my mind back to me, remember that I have a valid mind, convince myself of it. To finish I have to pack these things up so that, as I go about the world wherein I am told I do not have a valid mind, the mind I will want to use later is not damaged.

If I had a situation where I could be myself all the time, I could easily slip in and out
of work, as I did in other times and places. But without that, I have to have buffer time
around all work time.

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One Response to On Space and Time

  1. Z says:

    This doesn’t seem to be true any more, or doesn’t seem to be true this semester.

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