Sondé miroir Legba

Ouvre-moi, Legba, les chemins.

All black people who have ever died in Haiti (and over the three hundred years since slavery was first introduced there this must make a very large number) inhabit a place called the Island Below Sea, which is also Guinée, or Africa. During the slave trade many captives jumped from the ships to drown themselves, believing that by this route they would return to Africa.

Today the vaudou conception of Guinée has evolved into a spiritual location; the Island Below Sea is a parallel universe reflecting our own, but still believers must enter it. So at the beginning of vaudou rituals, they sing o créole, sondé miroir, an exhortation to pierce the mirror, so that the spirits of the living can once more reach Guinée, so that the souls of the dead can also reach the living world as loa– the pantheon of gods who take possession of their worshippers.

For the same reason the members of the increasingly popular Haitian musical group Boukman Eksperyans sing, in their wistfully lyrical ballad Eve, of falling through the surface of a sacred pool which is another version of this mirror. In this way the singers and their believing listeners can reach the world of the dead and the world of theloa. Haitian vaudou may be the last living religion on earth; the gods are present and one speaks to them face to face. Read on…

I would like to have a Haitian sign on my blog, just like Guanaguanare. Do you think Haitian vodun is the only last living religion on earth, or does this author mean by vodun all related religions coming out of Africa?


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