El viajero del siglo

Have you read this book? Is it a good book to teach in the Peninsular survey? (I think it sounds long and boring, but my tastes are not usual.)

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2 Responses to El viajero del siglo

  1. Spanish Prof says:

    I haven´t read the book, but “Bariloche”, one of his previous novels, was excellent. One thing, though: Neuman was born in Buenos Aires and moved to Spain as a teenager. I don´t think that´s an impediment to include him in a Peninsular survey, but it might require a little additional explanation to students.

  2. Z says:

    Good to hear you liked another book of his. I´m in doubt, too, about the national origin issue, not in an absolute sense but because there are so many writers one could teach. The theory on this is that since it goes as far back in time as it does, it would be a good summing up. But, it may also be too long. I´ll try to go look at it in person tomorrow.

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