In the interest of getting rid of one thing a day, which I must do since I keep receiving more things, I am recycling a bound photocopy of the Fall 1982 Diacritics, on Jameson. It was hard to get to see when I copied it, and is still now because it is not digitized, but the fact is that I have not read in it since the time of the project I got it for.

I have carried this volume about because it is a reminder of a pleasant year, and because it was such a trophy. It is a reminder of my identity, almost, but now I will carry it within.

There is no table of contents available online for this volume. It contains Hayden White, “Getting out of History,” Terry Eagleton, “Fredric Jameson: The Politics of Style,” Geoff Bennington, a review of The Political Unconscious entitled “Not Yet,” and S. P. Mohanty, “History at the Edge of Discourse: Marxism, Culture, Interpretation.”

Also Jerry Aline Flieger, “The Prison-House of Ideology: The Critic as Inmate,” Michael Sprinker, “The Part and the Whole,” on Fables of Aggression (Jameson’s book on Wyndham Lewis, the Fascist modernist), and an interview of Jameson by Leonard Green, Jonathan Culler, and Richard Klein.

The volume calls up an entire era.

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