Irene Silverblatt, and the Spanish discourse around “raza”

I am going to write a blurb about my book as though it were a person, and I will use Irene Silverblatt’s mini-bio as a model.

I also need to investigate ideas of race in Spain, and Spring 2013 is an excellent time to do this in at least two of my courses when not outside these.

These are some publications of Silverblatt’s that I must get.

  • I.M. Silverblatt, Modern Inquisitions: Peru and the Colonial Origins of the Civilized World (December, 2004), Duke University Press
  • I.M. Silverblatt, The Black Legend and Global Conspiracies: The Spanish Inquisition, Race-Thinking and the Emerging Modern World, in Rereading the Black Legend, edited by Margaret Greer and Walter Mignolo (2008), University of Chicago Press.
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