I am interested in race and racism as a defining and structuring category element in Latin American literature. (This is not another study of mestizaje and not another study about differing definitions of race.) I am interested in race and state formation; mestizaje and discussions of differing definitions of race seem to go toward Volk and nation, but I am interested in racism and the state, the violence that is half covered and softened by discussions of mestizaje and love.

In this way I differ from Doris Sommer, someone else who has worked on 19th century, identity, mestizaje, and US multiculturalism.

I am interested in the way race sickly seeps through the text of María, evoked almost gratuitously, this topic that cannot go away. The evoke-and-elide strategy that I claim goes all the way through to Anzaldúa. I want to look at literary production as doing more than simply affirming state projects.

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  1. Z says:

    It may not be necessary to actually discuss Maria and C. Valdes in detail; they might be items for the introduction only; I am not sure.

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