Pour commencer

I have to start writing in the morning so I do not get overwhelmed or lose my thread. I am not ready in that I have not completed research for what I want to do and I have not unearthed all my papers and put them in order. I may as well begin anyway, since I have been wanting to do so for many years.

I will turn off the wireless card in the other computer to do this. Doing this will be a way of organizing my notes and files, not a culmination of that or something that can only be done after that.

I want to start with María as an evoke-and-elide text. The uneasiness around race, the fact that it is not addressed but constantly suggested, suggests that these nineteenth century texts do not promote mestizaje as well as scholars like Sommer suggest. I am interested in the way race is primary and yet not acknowledged.

Elements include: the impact of the letter, seeing like a state, literature as (also) revealing what official discourse works to conceal (and not just as accomplice of the political discourse of the dominant class).

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