My project

It is about works which dislodge the seamlessness of mestizaje, look at the rough side of its cloth, and that actually show how racism works in L.A.

Remember Portocarrero, race is to be seen but not discussed. This is my evoke and elide thesis. It may not be entirely new, but it is new to many and people are riveted when I talk about these things.

Has Doris Sommer done the work on María I would? What is left out? Joanne Rappaport has discussed an “outside” to Sommer, if one will; am I roaming in that outside or has Sommer done enough? Who has critiqued Sommer?

I should read Las lanzas coloradas. In general and once again, I am interested not just in looking at how [white supremacy] perpetuates itself by masking itself, but in the anxiety and ambivalence around this in all these texts on identity.

That means that yes, I am interested in roaming around on that outside. (And this means I am going to have to read less canonical texts, and go into archives on the Inquisition, and get Louisiana documents, and — it is a whole research program here, I see.)

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