A bit more from Wade

I started taking notes on Peter Wade. Here is just a little more. I am interested in his introduction. On 4-5 he causes me to respect Bhabha at last, because Bhabha sees the paradox / ambivalence of nationality: one must look back at a tradition and forward to progress, so identity is always split. The nationalist narrative “slides ambivalently from one enunciatory position to another.”

IS THIS “EVOKE AND ELIDE”?  … The dominant classes need the heterogeneity they also deny. To theorize this one must go beyond simple oppositions of homogenizing dominant class and heterogeneous people; the history of Colombian music supports such an approach.

Otherness is not just suppressed or appropriated by elites, it is mediated, constructed and reconstructed by nationalist discourse. Processes of transformation and appropriation are old in Latin America and it is not a simple question of opposing local and national or global, either.

*This is extremely interesting and Wade is smart. Keep going.*

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