Research and writing moratorium, and notes on my alter ego

I am on a research and writing moratorium because I have a teaching, service and housework backlog, but I must read the complete works of Jeffrey Needell.

I must also levantar an exhaustive bibiliography on Mário de Andrade and decide how he mediates national identity and modernity. (He, we remember, says he is “a Tupí playing a lute;” Gilda de Mello e Souza’s work on him refutes Haroldo de Campos’.)

My (almost eerily) near alter ego, or more virtuous twin Jonathan is at work, as we already know. More study notes from him are:

→ There is a good review of Joshua Goode’s book on race in the latest REH.

That is a journal I should read. I decided long ago that it was too conventional and staid for me, and I have never read it regularly. I could subscribe, to get it on time, have it in paper and read it like a novel. It costs $36 and that would be tax deductible.

All orders, inquiries regarding subscriptions, etc., should be addressed to Editorial Assistant, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Campus Box 1077, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130-4899. Issued three times a year: Winter, Spring, and Fall. Subscription rate: $36.00 per year. Institutions and libraries, U.S.A. and Canada $55.00; all other countries (individual, institutions, and libraries) $60.00; students $21.00. Back issue price: $16.00. Back volume: $25.00. Please make checks payable to Washington University. E-mail address:

→ Gregory Jusdanis. He is one of the people whose work I used to really like, and had unfortunately forgotten. Jusdanis has Belated Modernity and The Necessary Nation, among other writings. My eerie alter ego says this about his ideas on homogeneity and syncretism in national poetry.

→A good quotation for that eerie alter ego’s project, and my syllabi:

“The academic practice of Hispanism … has been closely connected with different cultural nationalisms, and with exceptionalist readings of different national histories and national ‘missions’ or ‘destinies.'” (Faber 64).

When my moratorium ends one of the first things I will do is dig up the paper I gave in Rio de Janeiro, that used Jusdanis. It was on the idea of Hispanism.

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