Afro-Hispanic Bibliography

I did this off the cuff for a student. Help us refine and add to it.

This readings course will excavate the Afro-Hispanic literary traditions which in standard narratives of Spanish American literature are often subsumed in affirmations of assimilation and mixture. While the reading list includes some classic texts on Afro-Hispanic culture by authors who are not themselves part of the African diaspora, the diasporic authors are the principal focus of the course.

The primary purpose of the course is discovery and reading in primary and secondary sources. With a view to the preparation of the M.A. comprehensive examination the student will prepare an annotated bibliography. This project will include a detailed introduction discussing themes and issues defined in the course of reading, and a well thought out conclusion indicating directions for future research.

Following is a tentative list reference works, criticism and theory, and literary and filmic works to be considered. While many of the most canonical Afro-Hispanic writers are Caribbean, this course is designed to survey Afro-Hispanic writing throughout the Western hemisphere. The bibliography will also include a section on popular sources as well as resources for teaching. Themes to be considered include, but are not limited to: slavery, mestizaje, women writers, gender and LGBT studies, and religion.

Beginning bibliography

REFERENCE (*also to include specific works on Afro-Latin history and culture, e.g. palenques, maroon culture, music, art; the present list includes some journals, organizations, and teaching tools as well)

Afro-Hispanic Review (journal)

Afro-Latin Research Association (with link to its journal PALARA)

Callaloo (journal; also covers writing of the African Americas in English and French)

Cambridge History of African and Caribbean Literature (Section “Caribbean Literature in Spanish” and others)

Interesting call for papers with useful bibliography:

Teaching unit from ERIC (Federally funded, high quality teaching resources) to get hold of:

Tillis, A. Critical Perspectives on Afro-Latin Literature (Routledge, 2011) This is the book I would like us to buy.

Williams, L. 1987 review of then new, now classic works by M. Harris, R. Jackson, W. Luis, useful contextual information.

Woyingi’s African Diaspora Links Blog with a good list of Afro-Hispanic writers:


Beane, Carol. A good person to know at Howard.

Branche, Jerome. Everything he has.

Jackson, Richard L. [Annotated bibliography from 1980 and numerous articles, in addition to the following books.]

—. Black Writers in Latin America (U of New Mexico P, 1979)

—. The Black Image in Latin American Literature (U of New Mexico P, 1976)

—. Black Literature and Humanism in Latin America (U of Georgia P, 2008)

Luis, William. Key scholar on Cuban literature and antislavery narrative.

Piedra, José. “Literary Whiteness and the Afro-Hispanic Difference.” NLH 1987. This seminal piece and anything else by Piedra (look at his footnotes).

Tillis, Antonio. Manuel Zapata Olivella and the “Darkening” of Latin American Literature (2005).

Williams, Lorna V. Has good work on Guillén, antislavery narrative, gender.


Barnet, Miguel. Biografía de un cimarrón

Bolívar, Simón. “Discurso ante el congreso de Angostura.” (1819)

Cabrera, Lydia. Cuentos negros de Cuba and other works.

Carpentier, Alejo. El reino de este mundo including the famous preface about lo real maravilloso.

Guillén, Nicolás.

Gutiérrez Alea, Tomás. La última cena.

Estupiñán Bass, Nelson.

Martí, José. “Nuestra América.” (1891)

Morejón, Nancy.

Novás Calvo, Lino. Pedro Blanco, el negrero.

Rivera Aybar. El reino de Mandinga.

Suárez y Romero. Francisco and film, El otro Francisco.

Vasconcelos, José. La raza cósmica.

Villaverde, Cirilo. Cecilia Valdés.

Zapata Olivella, Manuel. Las claves mágicas de America: raza, clase, cultura. Barcelona: Plaza & Janes, 1989.

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