Hispanic Cities on Film: Urban Theory in the Freshman Seminar

Look at this. I found it here.

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8 Responses to Hispanic Cities on Film: Urban Theory in the Freshman Seminar

  1. Spanish Prof says:

    The blog is fascinating, as is the professor and editor of the AJHCS who maintains it.

    By the way, look who else published in that issue!

    • Z says:

      Oh yes — c’est toi! Mirá qué lindo!

      (This reminds me of DWF and the fact that I have not yet heard from him … others on my campus have heard about their NEH seminars already, por lo cual estoy viendo tenebroso esto … but it is a brilliant journal issue and I must read it.)

  2. Z says:

    First week of April, es lo que me preocupa because no me han dicho nada. I think I am an alternate, because I hear neither yes nor no.

  3. Spanish Prof says:

    You are probably right. I know somebody who has applied, so I emailed her. She said she had not heard anything yet.

    • Z says:

      Well, that is interesting. Maybe the news just is not out yet. I am getting ready for the possible NO, however. When is one supposed to hear from college boards?

      • Spanish Prof says:

        AP you mean? Those are way in advance. I applied in December 2009, and was first invited for the AP in June 2011. The invitations come in January, usually.

  4. Z says:

    Ah, so that means I am not in … I applied in February. They say, you will be contacted! But I have not been contacted. I am trying to figure out WTF is happening in summer and I lack information entirely. 😉

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