LARR 48:2 (2013)

In the interest of not having too many things, I am giving the current issue of LARR to a graduate student. Of interest to me in it are:

— Zac Zimmer, “Barbarism in the Muck of the Present. Dystopia and the Postapocalyptic from Pinedo to Sarmiento.” 131-147. Rafael Pinedo has a postapocalyptic novel, Plop (2004) … which is an updated Facundo, in its way … which makes Sarmiento a postapocalyptic author.

— Carmen Martínez Novo, “Indigenous Appropriations and Boundary Crossings: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Indigenous Cultures and Politics in the Andes.” 218-226. The books she discusses all seem fascinating, but the one I most need to see is The Andes Imagined, by Jorge Coronado.

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