Nicola Miller

These are some books by Nicola Miller I really ought to have read, already. I become quite frustrated noting how difficult it is to maintain focus on what is really important, if you have an employment situation like mine. I tend to think it is I who am weak.

Then I remember the visit from a colleague — a colleague, not a friend, not someone I confide in — who said, spontaneously, “They are doing all they can to keep you as busy as possible avoiding falling behind, aren’t they? It is too bad you cannot use some of the energy you are expending to get ahead!

In any case, these are the Miller titles.

– Reinventing Modernity in Latin America:  Intellectuals Imagine the Future, 1900-1930, (Palgrave, New York, 2007).
– When Was Latin America Modern?, edited with Stephen Hart, (Palgrave, New York and London, 2007).
In the Shadow of the State:  Intellectuals and National Identity in Twentieth-Century Spanish America, (Verso, London and New York, 1999) (342 pp).

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