Things, y lo transhemisférico

I have this tattered issue of New German Critique 22 (Winter 1981), special issue on modernism, that I should really recycle as it is so old. But I never do since as a physical object it reminds me of myself. I see also that it is also because it is a sort of time capsule, as it shows me what was current when I started the Ph.D. program.

It can of course be downloaded from several places — see here.

The lastest issue of PMLA (128:4, October 2013) is easier to give away although one should want to read it. It has an article by Anna Brickhouse on Columbus, translation, native translators, and intepretation one should read; this author has a book coming out on related issues. There is one by Stephanie Kirk, on how and how not to do transhemispheric studies.

I should read Hugo Zemelman on subject theory or know about him, and this book on multidimensional memory apparently has implications for exceptionalism.


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