I libri

We have Slavery in the Development of the Americas.

We have Hobsbawm, Nations and Nationalism since 1780, and we have Inga Clendinnen, and many of the things I wanted at one time, I no longer do.

I will recycle my xerox copy of Hobsbawm because the book is available, but I note that in chapter 1, on page 14, it says that only in the 1884 DRAE are state, nation, and language associated with one another as now, and on page 15, that only then is the concept of government linked specifically with the concept of nation. Only then does the idea of tierra become attached to a state, “and not until 1925 do we hear the emotional note of modern patriotism. . . .”

And Castile is one of the earliest European kingdoms one can call a nation-state. I will finish rereading this chapter before recycling it, in fact. And it is a Google Book, and it is just so instructive; no wonder I assigned it to the students.

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