Social Text 31/32

Here is the journal issue I am passing on today, because it is in JSTOR. I received it, of course, before JSTOR existed, and transported it here before then as well.

It is strange to give it up because it has Ella Shohat’s “Notes on the Postcolonial,” about hybridity as reinscription or justification of colonial violence, as well as articles I like by Arturo Escobar, Madhava Prasad, Anne McClintock, Homi Bhabha, Sylvia Molloy, George Yúdice, Santiago Colás, and more. (The Escobar text is key.)

That is to say, it was a key issue and was an artifact in my life for some time. I remember where I lived when I first read it, and it was a good era; I am in a good field, too, and it has advanced since the time this journal issue came out, although it was exciting then.

I was just beginning to define myself then, too, and I liked the definition that was emerging.

Mintz and Price on the origin of African-American culture, meanwhile, have been translated to Spanish.

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