More Cecilia, and some thoughts on research

These are notes from the back of a napkin.

+ The celebration of cultural mestizaje is MARKETABLE.

+ Cecilia wants to be white, but is valued because she is mixed and female, and is FEARED because of being a mixed woman who wats to be white.

+ exotic mulatas …

+ David Lisenby. “Frustrated Mulatta Aspirations: Reincarnations of Cecilia Valdés in Post-Soviet Cuba.” Afro-Hispanic Review 31.1(2012): 87-104.

I recommended to myself to look at everything on this in LALR and Afro-Hispanic Review. And I decided Luso-Brazilian Review and Afro-Hispanic Review were the places to try to put my work.

It was on a day I dropped in at the library to look around, as one used to do constantly in the olden days, or as I did, when there was a library and research was a habit.

I have noticed something about academic advice: it is all about time management, on the theory one is not used to working on a schedule, and about coaxing oneself to write, on the theory that one does not like this.

For me, the trick is actually to recover research time. I used to have research ongoing constantly, but became irregular with it. In fact every writing problem I have ever had, was actually a research problem.

Writing comes from research and always follows naturally if you are doing research, I always found. Everything unlocks research time … and then reflection upon research time … and then writing.


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