Robert Creely and more

A secret conversation that reminded me of how interesting things are even if I am not a great fan of Creeley:

Reading Robert Creeley’s letters and coming across him labeling the people at Partisan Review and Kenyon Review “enemies” is fascinating… [Like a] war that needed to be fought to save poetry from the forces of darkness.

At the Olson Conference in Iowa, 1978 the workshop leaders and students staged a collective walkout from Robert Duncan’s reading, and I remember no members of the English Dept. outside of Sherman Paul, the organizer, being actively involved in a conference that featured, among others, Duncan, Creeley, and Dorn.

I would really like to read, meanwhile, about object relations and other topics in psychoanalytic theory, and help move us back toward some new form of philology (you cannot say I am not committed to field), and understand Kristeva and the abject, and so much more. “Neither subject nor object,” this starts out.

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