Emiko’s panel at LASA

…There are LOTS of new quotas in Brazil.

Abdias do Nascimento said myth of racial democracy was a project of Black genocide.

Affirmative action is a palliative model, like Charles Hale’s “indio permitido.”

…Vasconcelos wanted to dismantle racial identities whereas DuBois wants to collectivize them. Freyre and Vasconcelos see racism as esthetic and individual choices, whereas DuBois thinks of it in the context of political economy.

… People like Peter Fry are concerned that affirmative action will create more Black self-identification, and they think this is bad. Emiko thinks this involves a misreading of the United States and of how race works here, and of the degree of mixing there has been in the United States.

…Is the mestizo an antiracist subject? Many mestizos do not realize that they are seen as nonwhite and that their experience is racialized.

…Wade: todos somos mestizos, but only some are real mestizos: some are indigenous-derived, some are African-derived.

Interesting: the idea that America is invented goes against the search for autenticidad. (O’Gorman: authenticity is in the USA … in industry … ! … see N. Larsen on O’Gorman … O’Gorman is problematic, then …

What I learned at ERIP: what the letrados say is going on with race and racial policy is very different from what actually happens. That is, lettered discourse is quite sharply divorced from reality.

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