How many roads

This is a book I want, about the 1968-1975 period in the United States. For most of 1968 I was eleven, and I turned nineteen at the end of 1975; that is why the period seems so real to me although I was at the same time too young to participate. Still I observed and this was how the world seemed to be … or this is the world I know.

From the description of the book:

Capturing the tipping point when television was just beginning to establish its advertising and journalistic muscle, and corporate power was starting to erode centuries of rural, local identity, the photographs show economic and social dislocation, student and faculty opposition to the Vietnam War, and idealistic young people going back to the land. They delineate a fractured society, in which a threatened younger generation challenged a political elite who were already placing the footings for endless war. [emphasis added]

Suddenly I realize that this was a battle that the side I was on lost, and that the results of that loss are what have happened since. It is less extreme but it is a part of a global phenomenon; living in Chile with Pinochet would be another example. Living in Spain under Franco is earlier but might be a version of it.

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