Also, this may help put my paper together

Remember my old intuition that Vallejo is strange because he is partly non-Western, and my insistence that his double location, within Western civilization and outside of it, is not hybridity or mestizaje. Many Latin American modernists want to define identities in national or regional terms, and find they must do so through Blackness or some other form of non-Westernness. Vallejo, however, is not trying to define an identity in this way and he is also not thinking from one place. His layerings and combinations (not “mixtures”) work differently — although he is working from a primordially fractured subectivity and there are many non-Western elements in his poetry.

Also note: my Vallejo problem is a time and research problem, not a reading or a writing problem. If I had read everything on him, and read all of his journalism, I would not be having the problems I am having now.

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