I am taking over the colonial survey

What do you think of these readings? In addition we will read Sylvia Wynter on the 1492 event, and we will see the new film on Bolívar, but it is poorly reviewed. We could use How tasty was my Frenchman although I wanted to use that elsewhere. We could use excerpts from that ancient Vargas Llosa essay I just came upon, El nacimiento del Perú, because it says we should read colonial texts because they raise current problems (although one could read much else that says the same, of course).

SPAN 441

Author: Garganigo et al
Title: Huellas de las literaturas hispanoamericanas
Yr: 2001
Publisher: Prentice-Hall
ISBN: 9780130618573

Author: Carpentier, Alejo
Title: El arpa y la sombra
Yr: 1999
Publisher: Siglo XXI
ISBN: 978-9682303821

Author: Adorno, Rolena
Title: Colonial Latin American Literature. A very short introduction.
Yr.: 2011
Publisher: Oxford UP
ISBN: 978-0199755028

Author: Restall, Matthew
Title: Latin America in Colonial Times
Yr.: 2011
Publisher: Cambridge UP
ISBN: 978-052113260

Author: Leon-Portilla, Miguel
Title: Vision de los vencidos
Yr.: 2007
Publisher: UNAM
ISBN: 978-9703244690

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2 Responses to I am taking over the colonial survey

  1. Z says:

    And we can use this, on the Aztecs, with _Visión de los vencidos_. http://www.religiousstudiesproject.com/podcast/the-fate-of-earthly-things/

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