The Spanish Civil War

Clarissa is compiling a bibliography and it is good. This is the kind of course I would like to teach in the present circumstances — we do not teach our students enough Spanish for them to do sophisticated reading in Spanish at the upper division or early graduate levels, but I could give brilliant courses in English pitched to a broader audience.

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2 Responses to The Spanish Civil War

  1. Clarissa says:

    I would love to teach a course on the Spanish Civil War in English, but whenever we venture into the realm of teaching in English, our English Department becomes cranky.

    Another problem with teaching a course like this is that the students don’t have the money to buy the books, and our Textbook Rental services are unwilling to buy anything that isn’t taught every semester.

    This has been a very cruel limitation on my teaching because I can’t teach anything that doesn’t appear in open access online.

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