That New York LASA

LASA meets in New York in 2016 and I would love to go to the conference and visit some people, and some archives there. But should I? I do not really have a paper idea for it. I am even less inclined to put a panel together, and the deadline is September 8. Then there is this on why not to go to too many conferences, too much spending for too little return.

I, of course, have decided that since my home environment is so inhospitable I should go to conferences anyway, since they make me feel very noticeably better; I have old papers I need to work on further and that are parts of my book(s). It does seem, though, that this conference, however beguiling, is one not to try to force; it will come to me if it does.

My idea, though, for now, is to address the comments I got on my ERIP paper, namely, that what I was critiquing was letrado discourse on mestizaje, when it does not mirror history (although it does try to produce it) and is not the only discourse. These are intriguing and true comments and I would like to write a paper exploring them.

Letrado discourse did seem to filter into popular consciousness through schools and other ideological state apparatuses but did it really create realities to the degree I was taught it did, and we felt clever saying it had at one time? How can it be set into context?

I need research time, more research time, more meditation, more calm. God save me from every form of extraordinary service, and give me the strength to maximize research time in every way I can.


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